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Stationary Cylinder for Dry Operation or in Oil

The 55H-P-SP is a development of the Series 55H-P pilot mount clutch featuring single-position engagement. When the clutch is actuated, the driving and driven sides always engage in the same angular relationship, thus ensuring the driven member is always accurately synchronized. A ball detent feature ensures single-position engagement and the drive is transmitted by toothed rings, giving the same torque ratings as the 55H-P range.

Product Features

  • Continuous angular position re-engagement, ensuring drive synchronization
  • Tooth clutch provides positive drive with no slip
  • All concentricities controlled within clutch simplifying installation
  • Sealed bearings need no lubrication in service
  • Stationary cylinder allows simple supply connection
  • Spring disengagement results in no drag torque other than the rolling resistance of the drive flange/hub bearing
  • Standard fixing holes provided in drive flange
  • Pilot mount with locating diameter and fixing holes can be used to attach pulleys, sprockets and other drive components simplifying assembly
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55H-P-SP Series Tooth Clutch