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Forklift Truck Brakes Overview | Matrix International

Matrix International is a global leader in the design and manufacture of hydraulic and electromagnetic brakes for battery powered vehicles. We have over 65 years of experience delivering high technology, cost-effective braking systems. Matrix engineers work closely with the leading forklift truck manufacturers worldwide providing very strong design and development support. Matrix forklift truck brakes are designed with the industry’s toughest challenges in mind. Matrix utilizes proprietary technology to analyze magnetic properties of the brake and the brake interfaces and surroundings.

Product Features

We offer a full range of traction motor and load wheel brakes and specialized in customized solutions to meet specific performance and installation requirements including:
  • Motor and Load Wheel Brakes
  • Varistop / 51 PMB
    Variable torque motor brake and parking brake
  • LWB Load Wheel Brake, for Service and Emergency Braking
    Service brake inside front load wheel actuated by driver
  • ERD* Electrically Released Brake
    Parking and stopping standard brake
  • ERD* H Hydraulic Amplified Electrically Released Brake
    Parking and stopping brake-variable depending on load weight
  • ERD* HBF Electrically Released Bi-functional Brake
    Parking and stopping brake actuated by driver
  • PK* Spring-Applied Motor Brake
    Parking and stopping low profile brake
  • * Warner Electric Brakes
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  • Standard Clutches & Brakes

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